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Bringing new customers niches to merchants

Bringing new customers niches to merchants

Optimal utilization of information technology and the internet

Blended online & offline approach

Increasing merchant's revenue not less than 30%


Subsequent tremendous development of information technology and the internet, Webay has come out a more complementary profit gaining system in order to benefit premise-based business owner as well as the consumers.

Webay is providing a massive platform to realise the dream of every member or participant of starting up Download his own business. By adopting the tripartite wins Webay approach, Webay believes that this business approach will bring mutual benefits to all three parties, the merchants, the consumers and the platform itself.

There is no losers in this business approach. Every The information party is the winner where interdependence among required three parties is the most essential element of success.

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Definition of Tripartite Wins

In the era of implementing new business approach, multi win-win situation can only be achieved via contributions from all parties. By investing minimum cost and resources, merchants or business owners hope to gain maximum profit and business expansion through the impact of advertising & promotion.

Our platform aims to make you feel that it is worth to spend every ringgit and sen through Webay. You might pay for the same price for the similar product or service, but the best part is you will get your rebate. Take rebate as a profit where it is a surplus, even it might just a RM10 rebate.

Besides creating values for the merchants and the consumers, this platform attempts to seize higher market share aggressively for the merchants.

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Webay is a platform, The platform is us.

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