Webay Creates
Greater Value for Business
and Consumers

Webay provides a high-quality Entrepreneurial Platform that enables participants to use this platform to realize thier entrepreneurial dreams. Webay is based on a win-win sharing model that enables business, consumers and platforms to achieve win win results. In this mode, there is no loser.




The Development Plan

There are four stages of Webay’s Future planning and business development, these stages will be overlapping one and another

Network Affiliate marketing

Initial Stage from Offline

Webay continuously expand our team, by recruiting new merchants and sponsoring new members to join our team. Through various activities, and business collaboration, consumers and merchants will benefit and grow together with us.

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Processing Through Online

At this stage, Webay will incoperate with internet and multi media to enchance Webay’s tendency in the market. We will adopt the approaches by the social media professions on creating significant influence on media. There will be an e-commerce platform by Webay to facilitate the interaction and transaction between merchants and consumers.

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Investing New Business Field

Webay always invests new business field and agendas in order to ensure the continuous development of its platform. Consequently, our platform able to provide more valuable benefits and opportunities to the merchants, consumers and members.

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Expanding International Market

There are several international marketing plans in the midst of implementing. As Webay business model will have reached it’s stability and positive progression, we will expand our business approach to foreign markets such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand as well.

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Expanding International Market

Taiwan CP: 23 Million

Indonesia CP: 250 Million

Korea CP: 52 Million

Thailand CP: 70 Million

Japan CP: 120 Million

Vietnam CP: 96 Million

*CP = Consumer Population

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0 Million
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0 Million
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